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November 8, 2010

Feel the Fear……And Do It Anyway!

Susan Jeffers words rang through my head as I was preparing to deliver a short presentation to my local WIRE group last Thursday morning. WIRE stands for Women in Rural Enterprise and is a fantastic regional networking organisation around the UK (see link from my website). The talk was about my 2 businesses, Zest4Life Coaching and Forever Living Products, really, what could be easier?! I was amongst a small, supportive, friendly group of ladies, many of whom I knew, who, like me run their own businesses. What’s the worst they could do? Eat me? Highly unlikely!

Why do we feel fear? Why is one person fearful of one thing whilst to another, that very same thing is like a walk in the park? I’m intrigued by this, and I know that a short blog isn’t the right forum to do a meaty subject like this full justice. Basically it comes down to our individuality – our genes, personality traits, life experiences, beliefs, perceptions and so on.

Being a professional coach, I sometimes feel I should be able to tackle any situation with confidence and aplomb – practice what I preach, have no insecurities or “wobbles”. And yes, I am always aiming to take consistent steps forward, setting myself my own personal and professional goals, but as Susan Jeffers herself says in her book “I can’t stress enough that positive thinking needs daily practice. I’ve been practicing it for years and still spend some time each day focusing on the elimination of negativity from my thinking.” I find her words comforting – it’s not about being perfect, it’s about being aware, keeping going, moving forwards and being open to trying new things and seeing situations differently.

In the past I have of course had to make presentations – at university as a psychology student, at college as an occupational therapy (OT) student, as a qualified OT and so on, but I never enjoyed it. I was fearful. Fearful of panicking, losing the plot of what I wanted to say, that what I had to say wouldn’t be of value and so on…….As that was what I expected, thought about and believed in, hey presto, that was what I got, or at least, perceived I got!

The logical side of me knows that my fear is illogical, that breaking through my fear barriers is not only advantageous but essential to moving myself forwards in all ways. I also know, deep down, that “I can do it”, or, as Susan Jeffers says, “So what, I’ll handle it”!

What is helping me to move forwards, work through my fears, “get over myself”? Not just one thing alone. It’s more about a cumulative effect, surrrounding myself with a variety of armoury to boost me up and protect me when I perceive I need it most.

The Top 10 Actions which personally are helping me –  and many of my clients –  are in no particular hierarchy:

  1.  Using NLP techniques like anchoring, to enable me to access resourceful states like confidence, self   belief, calmness and so on at times that I particularly feel the need for it.
  2.  Forming my own Positive Affirmations – personal, present tense, positively stated and writing them on cards, repeating them out loud and dotting them around wherever I will see them regularly – including the car!
  3. Regular personal development work with my own fabulous Coach – Lisa Young, thank you Lisa!
  4. Raising my awareness about being aware! (See my last blog – Boosting your Bank of Positivity).
  5. Reading motivational, inspiring literature such as Susan Jeffer’s book “Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway”. I’d highly recommend you get a copyy – you will read and reread it.
  6. Listening to personal development CDs- such as Glenn Harrold – an English hypnotherapist.
  7. Using positive language eg. when asked “how are you today?” answer “I’m great thanks!” as opposed to “not so bad”!
  8. Surrounding myself with positivity as much as I can – positive people, feel good music, literature and so on.
  9. Meditating or participating in active relaxation, whatever that means for you – give your body and mind regular “time out” to allow yourself to move out of your head and become grounded, connecting with your Higher Self. I believe we are all spiritual beings. Spirituality and religion are not one and the same.
  10. Breathing and smiling!! Simple to do, but how often do you? Go on, give it a try!

The above Top 10 Actions is not a definitive or exhaustive list, just a few actions which, from my own experience and that of clients and friends around me, have been highly beneficial. And, after all, if something is beneficial, why stop doing it?!

Eleanor Roosevelt said “You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do”.

Louisa May Alcott said “I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning to sail my ship”.

Over the coming week, I encourage you to sail your own ship, despite any storms you may fear you’ll encounter, by doing so you will grow immeasurably.

Thanks for reading and your lovely comments for my past 2 blogs.

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7 Responses for “Feel the Fear……And Do It Anyway!”

  1. Lisa Young says:


    This is a fabulous read. I really enjoyed it. It is reasuring and uplifting and so, SO true.

    It’s funny how being coaches we feel the need to be perfect and constantly manage our state. As your article reinforces, happiness and fulfilment are not about being perfect or problem free – they are about altering our approaches and perspectives on our challenges and as your blog so rightly states – which vocabulary we use with ourselves and others.

    I am going to save your blog and re-read it! Thanks for such a beautifully written, level headed and uplifting read.

    Huge hugs to you,

  2. Lisa Young says:

    Ps- good luck in the presentation! xx

  3. larb says:

    interesting read, will have to try it

  4. Ron Tedwater says:

    Great work keep it coming

  5. meladerm says:

    Great post about this. I’m surprised to see someone so educated in the matter.

  6. Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!

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