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January 1, 2011

Dare to Dream!

Just before Christmas I met up with Chris de Jong of DJI Consulting.  The idea behind the meeting was for Chris to give me pointers towards strategic marketing.  What an inspiring few hours!  Chris sat and listened, getting a feel for both Zest4Life Coaching and Forever Living Products, mentoring and coaching me (he is also an NLP Practitioner) and encouraging me to Dare to Dream!

Dare to Dream, as I see it, is thinking outside the box – whatever size or shape your box may be.  It’s about visualising your Island of Paradise, what you would like to do, see happen, develop and so on – without any editing!  If you can think it, visualise it, feel it, hear it and truly believe in it, “it” can happen!  Despite being a life coach myself and encouraging clients to think about the options – all of the options – available to them, however simple, complicated, ridiculous, pie in the sky they may seem; I am still “work in progress”!  I still have to work on stopping my little Gremlin putting its penith’s worth in – “that’s impossible, no chance of it happening, that will cost the earth to implement etc, etc…….”.  You know what I mean I’m sure.  You know what?   Initially I found it a little scary, without self imposed “boundaries” I felt as if I was sailing into unchartered waters – which I was – but very quickly  I found it really refreshing, liberating and WOW, exciting!

It takes courage to Dare to Dream, courage to open wide the doors of your mind and throw it all out there, in black and white on a piece of paper or on the computer screen.  But why is this so?  As children, don’t we have the most fantastic ideas for our futures?  How we’re going to “save the world”, fly to the Moon, live in the most amazing house, be the best at this and that.  Even as young adults, many of us are “idealistic”, filled with hope and aspirations for ourselves, the sky’s the limit…..and then something happens…..we “grow up”, we acquire responsibilities – children, mortgages, paying off credit cards, buying and running cars, paying bills…..we are on the treadmill many of us call Life. If we don’t shoot our own dreams down in flames, there are always others to do it for us!  Family and friends, who have our “best intentions at heart” can consciously or subconsciously shatter our dreams, perhaps claiming they don’t want to see  us fail, see us raise our hopes “too high” and so on.  Perhaps they have their own regrets for a life unlived or are tinged with bitterness or envy, cynicism or resentment, fearful of change and “the unknown”.

Who says we’re going to fail?  Who says we’re aiming too high?  Well, I firmly believe that is up to us as individuals.  Abraham Lincoln once said “always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other” and I tend to agree with him!

This New Year, 2011, resolve to keep hold of your dreams, not just hold them but nourish and care for them tenderly, like a precious orchid, to enable them to come to fruition – hold on to them tightly and don’t let anyone or anything rob you of them.  If you haven’t listened to your dreams for a long time, no matter – start now!  JM Power said “if you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up”.

Life is for living, Life is for the taking, so grasp it firmly in both hands, open your mind and your heart and Dare to Dream!

“Dreams pass into the reality of action.  From the action stems the dream again and this interdependence produces the highest form of living” – Anais Nin

“Set out each day believing in your Dreams.  Know without a doubt that you are made for amazing things” – Josh Hinds.

In 2011, make your Dreams your Reality!

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  1. larbl says:

    great thoughts, we cant fail with that energy and force behind us!

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