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May 2, 2012

Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success

Last month I started offering Life Coaching/NLP appointments – health and wellbeing coaching – from The Natural Clinic here in Crieff.  Deirdre Barron (reflexologist, aromatherapist to name but a few of her many talents), has owned the clinic for the past 6 years and together with other therapists, has built up an enviable clientele from Crieff and surrounding areas.  It’s an exciting time to have joined the Clinic – which has recently moved to larger, more central premises within Crieff.  I am particularly excited to once again be working within a healthcare team – besides Deirdre, I am working alongside a homoeopath, nutritional therapist, hypnotherapist/Reiki master, osteopath and a massage therapist, all experienced and well established within their own clinical fields.  What a wonderful collection of health promoting therapists!

In my many years of occupational therapy, apart from the reward of working with such an eclectic mix of clients, I loved teamwork – working within an OT team, the wider multi disciplinary team and so on.

Professionally, I am now working within many different teams, and teams within teams – not only at The Natural Clinic, and with my other coaching work, but also with my Forever Living Products business – and I love it!

What is it about being part of a team I find so attractive?  The camaraderie of shared experiences, the highs and the lows, the inevitable challenges, the growing together as a team whilst retaining and growing one’s own identity, the give and take of mutual support, the numerous learning opportunities and pooling of resources, the skill and personality mix?  All of these and more!

I’ve found a healthcare definition of teamwork which says teamwork is ” a dynamic process involving 2 or more health care professionals with complimentary backgrounds and skills, sharing common health goals and exercises concerted physical and mental effort in assessing, planning and evaluating patient care.” 

I know this definition is about teamwork in  healthcare, but I believe it can be extended, in its wider sense, to any walk of life –  work, leisure, a partnership (personal or professional), family life, local communities ……. and with all ages, from early childhood to old age.

It only takes 2 people to make a team.  Not many is it?  You and one other.  Human beings are naturally social creatures.  Sure, some people are more “social ” than others, but I bet if you think about it, the vast majority of us will be involved in many different “teams” and teams within teams, on a daily and weekly basis.

Often we are shoved together with people we wouldn’t have personally chosen, but generally speaking, despite our, at times many differences, we still share a common, ultimate goal (whether it is our own chosen goal, a mutual goal or one imposed upon us, eg company goal).

Sometimes effective and happy teamwork can appear an impossibility, so far out of reach as to seem not worth even trying to strive for, but if that teamwork is important to you, then isn’t it worth putting in “concerted physical and mental effort” in order to assess where it’s at, plan how it can be improved, take that action and evaluate the progress made?

If this resonates with you, if you want to grasp the proverbial nettle and move forwards to either resolve a difficulty you are experiencing in one of your own personal “teams” or to make your teamwork even better than it is already, then do please get in touch!  Coaching and NLP techniques really can enable you to move onwards and upwards, achieving what YOU want to achieve in your teamwork, whatever size and shape that team may be!

Remember……..there is no “I” in TEAM  and…….

  • Together
  • Everyone
  • Achieves
  • More            …………………………….. spells TEAM! 


“If everyone is moving forwards together, then success takes care of itself.”

To get in touch with me, either phone 01764 687345, email emma@zest4life-coaching.co.uk or contact me through my website. 

To find out more about the range of therapies offered from The Natural Clinic, Crieff, call Deirdre Barron on Tel: 07774 546384


Wishing you effective team working!

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