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June 11, 2012

Why we should all set goals

As hard as it may be to believe, we are now halfway through 2012, what a  thought!

I wonder how many of you made New Year Resolutions way back at the beginning of January?  Perhaps you had the best intentions to shed that extra “Christmas indulgence” weight, or to go to the gym 3 x week or “2012 is going to be the year I get my life in order”.

Whatever goals you may have set yourself, how’s it going?  Did you get beyond the end of January?   Good start.  Did you make it into March?   If so, great, I’m sure you made some progress, but now here we are, into June, and are you asking yourself “gym, what gym? “  or saying “my life’s not that bad after all, it’ll do.”

What’s so important about setting goals you may ask?  Goals give you a sense of meaning and purpose, they give you direction (would you set out on a journey without first deciding on a destination?)   Moving towards your goals makes you feel good – more energised, focused, effective, confident, happier……

In today’s fragile and uncertain world, most people fear change and worry about the future – but with goal setting, you control the direction of change in your life – I’m not saying it makes change easy but changes become self determining and self directed – doesn’t that sound a lot better than drifting without  a rudder on the turbulent Sea of Life?

My Top Tips for goal setting?

  1. Become responsible – by that I mean decide right now to take charge of your own life.  If you want to change something it really is up to you, no one else.
  2. Become aware – we are so often aware of what we don’t want, but how about being aware of what you do want?  Dare to dream, and dream big, after all, without “dreaming big” Walt Disney would never have brought Mickey Mouse et al onto our screens.
  3. Surround yourself with positivity – not seeing life through rose tinted spectacles but I do mean looking at a glass half full, not half empty.  Look for positive role models and mentors, mix with positively minded people – you will feed off their energy, it’s infectious!  Turn the news off – how often is there good news?  Look for options and choice in any situation – if you look carefully enough I’m 99.9% sure you will find them, even if it is “just” choosing your response.  The more you look for them, the more you will find.  Develop a “can do” attitude.
  4. GREAT!
  • G is for Gather – Collect together all your ideas, no editing, just loads of “I want….”
  • R is for Review – For each goal ask yourself “why is this goal important to me?”  “Is this goal mine – or someone else’s?”
  • E is for Evaluate – Measure each goal against your values – what’s most important to you?  Does your goal fit in with who you are?  How will you know you have reached your goal?  How does your goal fit in with those around you – is it ethically sound?  If not, discard or adjust your goal.
  • A is for Action – What are you willing to do?  What are all the steps you need to take?  When will you do it?  What first step towards your end goal can you take TODAY?
  • T is for Timed – set specific , achievable but challenging dates for the action.
  1. Write down your goals – personal, present tense, positively stated and specific eg. “I weigh …. stone by 1st August      2012.” Or “I am walking 2 miles, 3 x week, by 15th June 2012.”
  2. Position your written goals everywhere, so that you see them morning, noon and night.  Say them out loud to yourself every day!  As you achieve your goal, what will you see, hear, feel?  This will help your subconscious mind propel you like a heat seeking missile towards your goal!
  3. Every day, take at least one small step towards your goal – don’t miss a day!

 And finally ……  “To reach a port we must sail – sail, not tie at anchor, sail, not drift”  (Franklin Roosevelt)

Are you ready to stop drifting?

Go forth and sail!

















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