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“I am writing this testimonial in recognition of your outstanding professionalism and your contribution in helping me to focus and plan my Health and Fitness programme.  Your support to me has been amazing, helping me to clarify and remove the barriers (and excuses!) to healthy eating and increased exercise.  You have helped me identify how I can incorporate both of these areas into my busy life in a very practical and personal way.  The telephone coaching is highly effective and is done at a time and place when it suits my schedule.  I very quickly felt you were a person I could trust and who would understand the issues and complexities of my everyday life!  Thank you so much Emma, for your support and skills as a coach – you have certainly got me moving in the right direction towards achieving my objectives!”
Moira – financial director, West Yorkshire

“First class! I would have no hesitation in contacting Emma again and recommending her to future clients.”
Peter – businessman, Fife

“I was emotionally drained after dealing with major challenges for 13 years.  Emma helped me divert my attention from my problems and focus on immediate priorities, such as unfinished decoration of my home by trying DIY, concentrating on personal improvement and searching for a new job.  In my difficult circumstances and absolute isolation, telephone coaching helped me in building my confidence and achieving goals in just a few months!  Emma has been a wonderful support and a great help in enabling me to understand my own barriers to my success.  Emma clearly explained what coaching is and isn’t.  Coaching gave me back my lost confidence, focus and career plan with listening ears and encouraging voice.  It enabled me to focus on personal potential and positives in myself and my life.  The satisfaction in my achievements is such that I am now on the right track giving me emotional stability.  It has been a hugely positive experience and given me back my faith in myself.  Emma worked with patience, subtlety and professionalism – I felt comfortable in every session.  I feel I am equipped to deal with the challenges ahead, applying the tools my coach has shown me.  Thank you so much!”
Harveen – local authority officer, West Yorkshire

“I have had five coaching sessions which have greatly helped me to keep focused on achieving my goals.  Emma has provided a lot of encouragement during the sessions and between sessions.  Coaching has also provided useful techniques ie. Affirmations.  Repeating the affirmations that Emma encouraged me to set is helping me deal with my gremlins.”
Eileen – charity grants administrator, North Yorkshire

“The coaching was really useful to me and had a positive impact on my life. The process enabled me to recognise and identify my positive strong character traits, and successes in my life, and transfer these to help me achieve my goals. I achieved my identified goals and during the process learnt skills which I can put into practice in the future.”
Linda – nurse, North Yorkshire

“I have had 4 sessions now and with the support and help I have received from Emma, have managed to identify my goals, stuck to them and best of all, achieved them! I feel I have had great impact from my coaching sessions and it is also good to talk to someone who gives so much support and encouragement that it lifts my spirits after every session and I am raring to go!! I am glad I took the decision to have the coaching and best of all Emma has been excellent. I will carry on working at my present goals which are on schedule till our next meeting for another boost.”
Julie – businesswoman, North Yorkshire

“When I first strated life coaching my aim was to develop an exercise programme which I could stick to.  It soon progressed to relaxation and managing my anxieties, stresses and I now fit in quality time with my 3 children which is wonderful!  I have proved to myself that I can focus on positives and dispel negative thoughts and that taking time out through the week for myself  ie. relaxation and exercise, is making me a happier person.  I still have one more session left to reflect on my progress.  I would highly recommend my Coach to others and am very grateful for what she has helped me to achieve”
Sophie –  mum of 3, Tayside 

“Many thanks Emma for your tremendous support and coaching, which, combined with the relaxation and visualisation CD you created for me, has enabled me to achieve my goals and expectations and lead me to positive thinking and zest for life.
Nicky, North Yorkshire