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…Life Coaching

My own definition of Life Coaching isan accompanied journey of self discovery, motivated by the desire to bring about positive and lasting changes in your life.  Gaining clarity and focus, options and choices unfold along the way, enabling you to become Your Best You”.

Life Coaching is a catalyst for change, moving you forwards in your chosen direction.

Busy lives – We all lead busy, often stressful lives, where just getting the essentials done in a day or week seems quite an achievement. Often we put more thought into which car we’re going to buy, or where we’re going to go on holiday than we do into thinking about where we are going in life!  Clarifying what we want from life, our dreams and how to achieve them can seem scary, time consuming and unachievable.  But don’t we all long to achieve our dreams?  Make the very most of our life?  Why wait?  “I’ll think about what I want when I’m less busy….” but realistically, is that time going to come?

Congratulations!  By looking into Life Coaching you have already taken the hardest step – the first step – to achieving your best life!

Time out – Life Coaching gives you that “protected” time out.  Time out to explore your dreams and turn them into reality, to explore dissatisfaction and gain clarity on specific areas or issues in your life, to reflect on what you do, and don’t want.  Coaching enables you to guide yourself through transitions in your life (eg. divorce, redundancy, retirement) and enables you to be “Your Best Self”, with the confidence to take on and fulfil new challenges.  Coaching works on a holistic – mind, body and spirit –  level to bring balance and equilibrium to the different parts of your life, reducing stress, providing focus, motivation and setting achievable goals and action plans which are specific to you, and you alone.

Do something different – Coaching gives you the opportunity and confidence to break free of the status quo and “do something different”.  Ever heard of the saying “keep doing what you’ve always done and you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got”?

Partnership – A skilled Life Coach works with you in partnership to move you forwards from where you are now, with your problems, fears and confusion to where you want to be – fulfilled, in control and growing and adapting in comfort and confidence.

Confidential, non-judgemental – Coaching is a confidential, non-judgemental, structured conversation between the client and the coach.  The client is always in control of the content and the pace, whilst the coach’s skills are in maintaining the structure of the coaching relationship, in asking the right, challenging questions at the right time, listening and reflecting on what the client has said – or perhaps not said.  The non- judgemental side of the coaching relationship is important and why coaching works where simply talking to a friend or family member fails.  Your coach is there 100% for you, your personal cheer leader, not emotionally involved or with a vested interest.  You can be you, express truly how you feel and think without judgement.  What a refreshing change!

Belief in yourself – Personally, I see a Life Coach as being someone who walks along side you, showing you that when you get to a crossroads or turning that you know all along which way to go if only you believe in yourself!  It is a powerful, exhilarating, challenging and uplifting experience!

People consider hiring a professional Life Coach for a multitude of reasons. Some have a specific goal in mind – for example, considering a career change, seeking a more satisfying work/life balance, wanting to take control of their finances, whilst for others it is less clear cut. Perhaps they want to find some focus to their life, believe in themselves or feel at a crossroads and don’t know which way to go.

Whatever reason has brought someone to consider life coaching there is always one significant attribute in common – the recognition that there is something in their life with which they feel dissatisfied and the desire and readiness to make a positive change.
Life coaching is inspirational and really can change your life for the better!

Give me a call on 07810 472247 or email emma@zest4life-coaching.co.uk for a friendly, confidential no-obligation chat to learn more about me, what life coaching is (and isn’t!) and how Zest4Life Coaching can help you achieve your goals!