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What is EFT?

EFT?  What’s that?  Sounds like a courier service!

EFT is short for Emotional Freedom Technique – you may have heard of it as “tapping”.

EFT was first formulated by Gary Craig, an American engineer, during the 1980’s.  It is designed to address problems in a different way and from a different perspective – that perspective being by improving the flow of energy through the energy body by removing blockages at the energetic level.

Taken to its most basic, physical level, everything – whether it is a table, a house or a cup of tea – is made up of energy – and all human beings have an energy body too – although this can’t be seen or measured.  We do know however that in order for us to function properly, energy must flow freely into the energy body, through and out.  Sometimes the flow of energy becomes blocked and when this happens problems arise in the energy body.  When the blockages are cleared a person starts to feel different, better, more energised.  Emotions change, thoughts change and many other things may change as a result of that.  EFT is a primary treatment for the energy body – not an alternative or complementary therapy.

How does EFT work?  We tap on certain meridian points to improve the flow of energy and thus clear the blockages.  It is quick, easy and painless and there have been no reported negative side effects to tapping on meridian points.

What kind of problems can be addressed with EFT?  Problems which come directly from a blockage in the energy system (such as an irrational fear) and also those problems where there is an energy component in the problem system (such as an inexplicable cough, rash or tendency for headaches). Most if not all human problems have an energy component – this means that when you improve the energy component the entire problem system shifts and there is an evolution in the problem system.  With problems that have been stuck for a long time and seem “immune” to all attempts to solve them or evolve them, addressing the energy system can often bring about an evolution or forward movement towards an eventual solution.

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