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What is Life Mapping?

What is Life Mapping?

A vision of success – helps you define who you want to be, what you want to achieve and gives you a set of principles to help guide you there in 3 simple steps.

A vivid visual map – your personal Life Map which will enable you to embrace change and integrate all aspects of your potential into 1 balanced  and powerful whole.

Combination of words and pictures – the words appeal to your “left brain”, ie your consciousness, whilst the “right brain” pictures are the main gateway to the subconscious mind.  The 2 together bring the map into a cohesive whole.  Life Mapping directs both your conscious and subconscious mind towards your chosen objectives.

Life Mapping is about being –  about your mind and emotions.

Life Mapping concentrates on your own strengths, boosting your self confidence, self esteem and self belief.  It helps you to think your best thoughts and trigger your best feelings.  Life Mapping will give you the freedom to create and live your best life.

Life Mapping is already hugely successful in business with staff at all levels, in education with both teachers and students, and in everyday, real life situations.

I have studied with the inspirational and charismatic Brian Mayne, international speaker, author and trainer, who, with his wife Sangeeta (life coach, experiential trainer, mentor and guide) have studied, written extensively and shared their Life Mapping skills with many thousands of people.  I base my Life Mapping exercises on their work.

For further information about Life Mapping and my Life Mapping services, email me at emma@zest4life-coaching.co.uk or phone me on 07810 472247..